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Added on by Charlie Cole.

WATERFALL just did a little adventure at SLAMDANCE 2015, and it was magical. Thanks so much to all who helped with the film, and some great connections were made at the Festival. Just got word that it has been ACCEPTED into BARE BONES INTERNATIONAL FILM AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, so very excited about that one! Hopefully will be able to make it to Muskogee, OK for the screenings. 

Some especially notable films from SLAMDANCE 2015:

- Sea Devil      (

- Day 40

- Last Base      (

- Pure Concentricity      (

- Stay Awake      (

- Out of Reach (Rain Night)      (

- ASCO      (

- I am Thor      (

- They Look Like People

- Across the Sea      (

- Ratter      (